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ARCAN offers professional design management, project/construction management and cost & procurement services targeted to help Clients turn their visions into reality. ARCAN also offers construction consulting and support services all the way from pre-construction to final project hand-over.

ARCAN’s management experience gives us a unique understanding of what can go wrong on a construction project. We use this knowledge to identify potential adverse situations on a project before they develop into major problems and recommend and/or initiate preventive action through strategic planning and project controls.

Our expertise in the high-end commercial, residential, and industrial projects, equipped with the profound understanding of local conditions and requirements, ensures projects are built on schedule, and tailored to the client’s financial capacity with the highest quality standards achievable. We understand and have experience in all phases of the construction process and manage projects from pre-design through completion.

As Project Manager, ARCAN has managed all phases of the construction process from pre-design through completion, including cost and budget controls, scheduling, estimation, expediting, inspection, contract administration and management of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Decision making is a collective process and key personnel within ARCAN takes part in providing their views in conjunction with Clients prior to deriving a final decision and choosing the direction to be pursued.

Design Management Services

The Design Management Department was formed in order to offer added value to Clients. Starting from the design phase of a project, we bring together the major and specialist skills involved in the design of a great buildings into one managed service. The department produces holistic concepts with consistent principles and coordinated solutions. The goals are ultimately managed interfaces and singular design team management.

Project and Construction Management Services

The Construction Management Department is the core discipline of the organization. The department consists of a select group of architectural, engineering and construction professionals to form a strong and responsive Project management team in handling various types of project, from individual villas to high-end tower developments.

«Trouble-Shooting» Management

While project management is most effective before construction begins, it is also necessary to have procedures in place that regain control after serious problems have caused delays or overruns. When ARCAN finds itself in these circumstances, we assemble a team that can mostly expediently address critical needs.

Project Program and Cost - Commercial Management

Program Management is the process of managing ongoing inter-disciplinary and/or inter-dependent activities to indicate related project constraints determining the processes required to achieve best results based on allocated resources. Some of the benefits associated with this control include reduced costs, improved schedule performance, improved quality and risk identification and allocation.

Project Quality Assurance Management

Apart from site inspections, the assessments also include tests on the materials specified and functional performance of services and installations. These tests help to safeguard the interest of the building occupants in relation to safety, comfort and aesthetic defects.
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