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Project Quality Assurance Management

Quality control in construction typically involves ensuring compliance with minimum standards of material and workmanship while also guaranteeing the performance of the facility according to the design. For the purpose of ensuring compliance, random samples and statistical methods are commonly used as the basis for accepting or rejecting completed work and batches of materials. Rejection of batch is based on non-conformance or violation of the relevant design specifications.

The construction activities are assessed primarily on workmanship standards achieved through site inspections and field tests. The assessments are completed throughout the construction process for Structural, MEP and Architectural works.

Apart from site inspections, the assessments also include tests on the materials specified and functional performance of services and installations. These tests help to safeguard the interest of the building occupants in relation to safety, comfort and aesthetic defects.

Total quality control is a commitment to quality expressed in all parts of our organization and typically involves many elements. Design reviews in order to ensure safe and effective construction procedures are a major element. Other elements include extensive training for personnel and shifting the responsibility for detecting from the Consultant Team to the Contractor. Material suppliers are also required to ensure zero defects in delivered goods.

All the above shall be implemented in conjunction with the contract conditions, project  specifications and good engineering practices with the participation of all parties on a project.

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